TEMSA expands cold forming product range | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Following a period of investments, TEMSA has expanded its product range to include Metadur raw carbide nibs with low cobalt for cold forming – as part of its commitment to a reduction of the cobalt needed in cold forming tools.

TEMSA has undertaken intensive research for low cobalt tungsten carbide tools with very promising results. The final objective is to reduce the amount of cobalt needed in the cold forming tools up to 80% for each application using other binding materials instead. This will enhance the recycling of carbide, increasing the life cycle of the material and eventually reduce the dependence of the cold forming market from the cobalt industry and extremely reducing the environmental impact of the industry – making it more sustainable in the long-term. ribber roller

TEMSA expands cold forming product range | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

“The first tests have been done with very optimistic results and show the path for the future,” states TEMSA. “There is still a long way to go, but we are dedicated to improving the quality of tools, especially now that the electrification of the mobility industry is picking up pace.”

With over 35 years’ experience, TEMSA also manufactures HIP nibs – focused exactly on the needs of clients. These include carbide grades focused only on wearing applications, pre-shaped forms to reduce the working time at the machine once the part is sintered and, very importantly, a two week delivery term to cope with the fast pace the market requires.

Recently, TEMSA has gone through a period of investments including the latest generation presses of up to 200 tonne, brand new HIP furnaces, as well as new CNC turning machines.

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TEMSA expands cold forming product range | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

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